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3XR CreateThing: customize your very own VR gallery


Regina Mintbase

Creating a store on Mintbase = your own VR gallery, powered by 3XR. Now, 3XR are launching CreateThing, a product that enables creators to build their own custom galleries and package them as NFTs. Yes, you guessed it, if the gallery NFT gets sold, all the featured artists get their share of the pie.

There is little doubt that a VR gallery is the best way to showcase your NFTs — whether they are visual art, music, fashion and anything else in between. The integration with 3XR is one of the big perks of having a store on Mintbase.

3XR is connecting the spatial web with digital tokens, by innovating at the intersection of Web3 and WebXR and building products that enable the creation of spaces with direct access to digital economies.

This feature takes 3XR’s VR galleries to the next level: creators can choose which NFTs they want to feature, select a template and then mint it all as an NFT — and it really is as easy as 1,2,3.

For now, in order to create your custom gallery, you need either to own a store on Mintbase or propose minting to an existing DAO.

This gallery NFT can be listed and, once sold, the royalties are shared by all the featured artists. put this to test and recently release their NEAR Mixtape as an NFT gallery.

At Mintbase, we believe 3XR’s CreateThing is one of the simplest ways for creators, collectors and enthusiasts to experience NFTs in our marketplaces. Moving around the spaces and interacting with the works is completely hassle-free, plus 3XR is multiplayer, so you can spot and (kinda) wave to your friends across the room.

See here how to create your own custom gallery, step by step 👇

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