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AnRKey X Cyber Arena v.1 PvP Card Battle is LIVE!


The moment you all have been waiting for has finally arrived — AnRKey X™ is proud to present to you the launch of the Cyber Arena v.1!

After months and months of hard work and late nights, we are happy to officially announce that we are ready to have our Cyber Arena v.1 PvP Card Battle game tried and tested. With careful deliberation and a strenuous selection process, our team decided to give a select few of our #AnRKistArmy supporters EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to test the game early. Our Cyber Arena Private Beta Whitelist Program went incredibly well, and we are satisfied to finally go LIVE with it.

Check out the launch video we prepared! HERE

For those who haven’t heard, Cyber Arena v.1 is a game that the team developed to build your deck of cards and fight against other users. The game lasts a week, each victory comes with a reward, and also the top players of the day and of the week will get awesome juicy rewards. (300–900 USD worth of $ANRX rewards MONTHLY)

In this first release, each card has a power level. When matched against the opponent card, the card with the highest power level wins. Users can select up to 7 cards. If the user doesn’t have enough cards, the system will fill the missing cards with the lowest level cards.

Each card slot has a power level limit that the users need to comply with in order to make the game playable by hardcore and new players as well. Based on the cards that both users select, the system picks one for each user randomly. The card with the highest power level wins, and if there’s a draw, a new card is selected until someone wins or all 7 cards have been chosen.

All cards have a chance of landing a critical hit. If a critical hit happens, the power level of the card is increased to the next tier. If the user wins 5 games in a row, a one-time Power Boost will be granted, allowing the user to increase power levels on their cards for the next game.

To be part of the game you need to own a BATTLE PASS NFT. Battle Pass NFT can be acquired in-game and can be reused each week.

Every game the user wins will grant ANRX and the top 30 players on the leaderboard will get extra rewards in ANRX and APY for Battlewave 2323.

Rewards are delivered on Monday after Battlewave2323 starts, all APY collected during the week will be granted at this point and ANRX will be delivered by AirDrop.

Play Battle Wave 2323 Now!

Learn more on our official websites:

AnRKey X

Battle Wave 2323

Game Guide & Wiki

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