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Engines of Fury Incubation Partnership: AMA Recap


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Community Questions:

1) Роман Долженко: Good afternoon. Will your project be adapted for Russian advertising? If so, then another question. how to become an ambassador?

Mindaugas_EOF: Привет, братaн. Yes, sadly the Russian community has not been created yet. But very soon it will. Regarding ambassadors, I already gave you a secret that probably next week you will be able to start filling out the forms.

2) Katsuyusama: Hi. There are many gaming projects in the market but most of them requires high investment to start to play. Can you please tell us how much Should We Invest to start playing Engines of Fury? Can small investors afford your game?

Mindaugas_EOF: Yeah man, $FURY will be only 0.25$. So if you join early, that shouldn’t be a big issue!

3) Tati: My doubt is about the token launch. When? How will it be? One of the problems we have today, as small investors, is the launch of the token a long before the game and traders ruin it. A lot of games died before they even launched.

Mindaugas_EOF: Tough question. Well we’re planning IDO in these next 2 months. We did not set the date yet, we just want it to come naturally if you can say so. Just waiting for the best opportunity. Regarding arenas, there is a lot that I could tell you, so please join Thursday in our discord and have a chat with me. I want to answer some other questions too!

4) Good Maleficient: Hello. @Mindaugas_EOF How important is the Community for Engines of fury team? Do you plan to educate your community and even non crypto people so more people will know about Engines of fury?

Mindaugas_EOF: I think I’ve answered this via official questions. Community is the priority

5) Ade-carv: What can we expect from our Community, like giveaways and special promotions?

Mindaugas_EOF: Follow our news, and you will see how much we’re planned for you guys

6) The Dog: What is your best estimate when mmorpg will be released? What would speed up the process? more funds, recruiting more devs?

Mindaugas_EOF: I don’t want to talk about plans for next year that much, first let’s launch the autobattler, then everything will go naturally. I think it mostly depends on the player base and community involvement!

7) Anaps: Which game that was “abandoned” were you talking about? Love gossips

Mindaugas_EOF: As i said, not gonna say the name, but it is ‘’stunning’’ both website and all concept art, but there is NO gameplay. I do not like to gossip.

8) TheRog: Where is the team located?

Mindaugas_EOF: Most of the team members are Based in Lithuania, but located?

All around the world! I actually came back from Spain just before Christmas, and now another team member went to Spain.

9) On the website it says that the cost of champions will be tied to USDT. Is this just the case for like the starter champions or does the website need to be updated as you mentioned it’s an advantage to buy in early.

Mindaugas_EOF: Love people like you. Please send me a link or screenshot, we might need to fix it.

10) Katsuyusama: What is the story of Engines of Fury? How did you decide for creating this project and giving this name for it? Are you or any other team members of you a gamer?

Mindaugas_EOF: Well it actually came naturally. We have quite a bit written on the backstory of where the players begin and why. What happened to the world? And what is yet to uncover. So in short — the Engine is the central point of the game’s history, which is used to upgrade and forge weapons and armor so that humanity could take back the world. We are going to be releasing the full lore of the game gradually. Its not going to be as complex and deep as Game of Thrones, but it will definitely come sooner than the promised books haha!

Gamer? Bruh… I play PC games since Iwas 6 years old. I played League of Legends since 2nd week of launch (11 years). One of our board members played Runescape with me since we were teenagers. The whole team are gamers.

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