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Dragonfire Acoustics Joins The Charged Particles Music Guild


Priyanka M Khanadali

Charged Particles is proud to welcome a new member to our robust Music Guild — world-class sound system manufacturer Dragonfire Acoustics.

With their ultra-high fidelity planar magnetic drivers, Dragonfire is the first sound system company to take the step into the world of NFTs and, with the help of Charged Particles, is paving the way towards greater integration of Nested NFTs in experiential events.

Alongside Ashby Projects, an NFT onboarding agency for the music industry, and Unchained Music, who is using Web 3.0 to redefine music distributed, Dragonfire Acoustics rounds out our incredible music pipeline — and there is more to come soon! From streaming and distribution to Metaverse experiences and immersive live events, 2022 is the year for Music NFTs and Charged Particles will help power them.

Bridging the physical and the digital is a challenge that’s got a lot of folks scratching their heads. With this partnership and the development of the Hydra, the first NFT-integrated sound system, we are continuing to push the needle forward.

Three ribs of the Hydra Planar Magnetic tops

Laser-engraved on the side of the subwoofers of this system lies a link to the blockchain and a very special Charged Particles NFT that acts as a cultural ledger for all of the events that the system has provided sound for. Pictures, art, memories, and music from the event can all be nested inside the sound system itself, immortalizing these physical moments on the blockchain. A Stratocaster signed by Jimi Hendrix, a McLaren driven by Lewis Hamilton — and now a world-class sound system embedded with a provenance of its own. You can witness this beauty at Hydra — ETH Denver’s Official Opening Party.

Charged Particles always has had a special connection to music and partnering with Dragonfire Acoustics is strengthening this connection. We are looking forward to the continued expansion for the music industry and new nesting use cases realized for them.

Ben Lakoff, Co-Founder of Charged Particles

Dragonfire Acoustics trailblazes the field of applied planar magnetic physics to wield supernatural state-of-the-art sound. A rib of HYDRA composes a planar surface array of patented, built-in-house unipolar magnetic drivers whose cryogenic diaphragms accelerate sound by +1500% with unrivaled fidelity, accuracy, precision, and throw.

We put the lit in listen.

Daniel Bockrath, Engineer — Dragonfire Acoustics

For over 40 years, Dragoslav Colich’s (Drag+On+Fire) research has been dedicated to planar magnetic physics, material science, and industrial design.

As one of the founders and Chief Technology officer of Audeze LLC, “Dr C”, as he is known, has patented revolutionary planar magnetic designs that consistently set new performance benchmarks and are being recognized as among the best, if not the best, in the world. From headphones to multi-megawatt PA Systems, Dragonfire Acoustics is forging new ground in the world of high-fidelity driver technology.

Lovingly handmade in Southern California, USA, each system is carefully tested and personally approved by Dr C before shipping.


Charged Particles is a protocol that allows users to deposit ERC-20 tokens(ANY tokens) into an NFT. A scarce NFT (e.g. Art, Collectible, Virtual Real Estate, In-Game Item, etc.) can now be transformed into a basket holding a number of other tokens. The Principal amount can be time-locked inside the NFT, and through integration with Aave’s aTokens, the programmable yield from these DeFi yield-generating assets is just a few clicks away.

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