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Drunk Robots received a grant from Polygon


This post was originally published on Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots is thrilled to announce that we have received a grant from Polygon. This is a huge step for our future project development, because we believe that Polygon Network can give us more exposure, and we see huge perspectives in using such a well-established network.

Also, in cooperation with the Polygon Studio, our project will be presented to their eco system. We also believe that we will bring our value.

About Polygon

Polygon is a protocol and framework for connecting Ethereum compatible blockchains. Polygon also operates a hybrid Proof of Stake and Plasma sidechains. DApps and tokens from Ethereum can be deployed on the Polygon Network for increased throughput and scaling.

About Polygon Studios

Polygon Studios is a creative services and software solutions company focusing on engaging data and content visualization for the Media Industry. They are designing and developing some of the most engaging virtual collaborations, mixing reality, data visualization, and real-time graphics solutions. They are making data of your story through powerful visualization.

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