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Disney Star Wars NFTs, Golden Moments Collection on Veve


For cinema-going memorabilia collectors, it doesn’t get much better than Disney’s iconic Star Wars movie franchise. Now, fans of the series can collect their own digital Star Wars NFTs. The NFT collection is available to purchase on the Veve digital collectibles app.

Disney Golden Moments

Disney’s Golden Moments collection celebrates some of the great Disney Pixar movie characters throughout the Film maker’s history. The NFT collection includes such favorites as, ‘Star Wars, The Lady and the Tramp, Ironman, Homer and Bart and Elsa, to name but a few.

Each NFT comes as a digital rendition of Golden statues, featuring fans’ beloved characters, courtesy of Veve and Disney Pixar.

The Golden Moments collection will grow with new NFT drops happening throughout the year. The digital collectibles come in 5 categories from Common (Star Wars) through Ultra-rare Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse). You might ask yourself, Why purchase a Disney collectible? Will a Disney NFT be a good investment?

A sentimental answer to question one is that you are collecting a piece of Disney Pixar history, as the famous brand enters the NFT space full-throttle.

A mercenary answer to the second is, that each digital collectible dropped so far, has sky-rocketed in value, as can be seen from the prices on the Veve. For example, take my personal favorite, Star Wars.

Star Wars NFTs

As part of the Disney Pixar Golden Moments collection, two characters from the movie were included. You may know them as the two most recognizable robots in the World, R2D2 and C-3PO.

Although the NFT drop for these 2 legendary droids is long gone you can still purchase a digital collectible through the market on the Veve.

R2-D2 NFTs

The long career of R2-D2 includes serving Padme Amidala and both Anakin and Luke Skywalker. The multifaceted astromech droid has shown courage in the face of many trials and saved each of his masters as they battled their way across space.

The R2-D2 Star Wars NFT is a fantastic digital collectible from Disney. It has an ‘Uncommon’ rarity. The drop took place in November 2021 with 8333 NFTs minted.

The list price during the initial minting was 60GEMs (1 GEM is equivalent to $1). However, collectors wishing to buy one now, are looking at a floor price of 2700 GEMs.


Anakin Skywalker built Threepuu as a companion and programmed C-3PU for etiquette and protocol. However, the worrywart droid’s understanding of 7 million forms of communication keeps it in the thick of the intergalactic battles.

The C-3PO Disney NFT has a ‘Common’ rarity. The NFT drop occurred in November 2021. There were 12333 digital collectibles minted at a price of 60GEMs.

The floor price to purchase a C-3PO NFT, as of writing, is currently 1250.00 GEMs. That is quite a return on your investment.

Where can I buy Star Wars NFT?

To buy the Disney Star Wars NFTs you need to use the Veve app. You can download the app for both Apple at their app store and the Google Play store for android phones. Once you download Veve you need to add GEM coins before purchasing your Disney NFTs on the Veve market.

There is a step by step guide on how to buy Disney NFTs on Veve in this article.

Please note. There is a licensors fee of 6% on all Disney NFT sales, plus the 2.5% fees that Veve charges for all sales on the secondary markets.

Star Wars NFTs on Veve

Star Wars and Disney Pixar Marvel

Disney Star Wars has been a stable of movie-goers since it first hit the big screen in 1977. Opening in a spattering of cinemas across the country, it quickly exploded into an unimaginable box-office success.

The movie was the brainchild of the now legendary writer/director George Lucas, who created such iconic heroes as Hans Solo, R2D2, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Lucas’ initial movie went on from its humble big-screen showing, to create another 10 feature-length movies, animated TV shows, countless games and children’s toys. No doubt we could add endlessly to this list, but we’ll leave it there.

Future Disney NFT Drops

If you think that current prices for Star Wars on the markets are beyond your means or that there is not much more room for price appreciation, do not fear.

Disney plans to Drop more Golden Moments NFTs for collectors, in the coming months. On top of that, you can also accumulate further NFT collections from Disney’s Pixar, Marvel, films and comics.

Among those to look forward to are the X-Men and Marvel comics drops occurring in May and July respectively. Then later in the year, we have collections from Spiderman, Black Panthers, Captain America and Star Trek.


Although prices for Disney Star Wars NFTs may look high, we must remember that we are only out of the traps regarding NFT adoption. These are early moments and some 1st edition NFT collections could possibly be worth a lot of money in years to come.

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