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Chaos Ensues as Okay Bears Copycat Collection Lands on Ethereum


According to lore, a number of telltale signs will mark the end of days for humankind. Doomsayers proclaim that rivers will run red, oceans will boil, and a Solana collection will see a derivative arrive on Ethereum. Well folks, all is ‘Not Okay’ with the world, as the left facing ‘Not Okay Bears’ have landed on the blockchain.

As a series of cataclysmic events shook crypto to its core, a certain set of Solana grizzlies calmed the masses with its reassuring mantra: “We’re All Gonna Be Okay”. Defying the odds, it rose in prominence to become a beacon of hope within the NFT community, while seeing tremendous sales take it to the dizzying heights atop the OpenSea rankings.

The Okay Bears debuted their own brand of blasé optimism in April, itself taking artistic cues from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Following which, it has positioned itself as the biggest Solana-based PFP project to date. Thereby, recording a mammoth floor price of 248 SOL ($14k) and a mind boggling $77 million in overall volume.

In an age-old display of parody, a new set of ursine pretenders followed suit on May 16, emerging in the guise of ‘Not Okay Bears’, a mirror image of the original collection. During the launch, a buying frenzy saw fans snap up the NFTs for 0.02 ETH a pop. Soon after, group hysteria took hold, and the secondary market went wild, resulting a trading volume of almost a million dollars. However, the team has since donated 70k to charity and been delisted from OpenSea.

Currently, a quick scan of the market reveals a number of fake/parody/derivative ‘Not Okay Bears’ collections. So, perhaps Armageddon will come as a welcome distraction.

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