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The ultimate guide to WAX games in Wombat


This post was originally published on Wombat

Hi Wombat Family! We hope the WAXpeditions were a fun adventure for you — but we have some more awesome WAX games for you outside of that event! In this guide, we will go over with all the WAX games we have in Wombat, what makes them special and what you can expect in terms of gameplay.

All the games below can be found in Explorer -> Games on mobile and in Apps in the desktop version of Wombat. Check them out in the wallet!

Clash Dome

Clash Dome is somewhat similar to the Duel games series on EOS. You have a set of puzzle games (Candy Fiesta and Templok) plus a defense title called Endless Siege. You can play these games as they are and compete for WAX and NFT rewards and a high score on the global leaderboard or play against a specific player in the Duels mode.

Note that Clash Dome does have high entry fees ranging between 5 and 10 WAX.

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Every private strategy connoisseur will feel right at home in Coinpirates! Putting a big emphasis on combat and world exploration, Coinpirates promises to become one of the most exciting games on WAX! Currently, you can stake NFTs from partner games like R-Planet or Kolobok Adventures and receive CPR tokens for it. The game will officially launch its alpha version on December 24th, 2021, so be sure to mine some CPR by then!

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Farmers World

Farmers World combines a farming simulator with NFT staking and tokenized resources, creating a truly powerful play-to-earn combo! Get some Farmers World Wood (FWW), Food (FWF) and Gold (FWG) tokens and NFT tools to start mining, fishing and farming!

As this is an in-browser game, it might put a strain on your device’s CPU and RAM. Please make sure your hardware has at least average specs.

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Farming Tales

Farming Tales is a third-person feel-good farming game where you can earn agriculture-themed NFTs. It doesn’t have a set goal or narrative per se. In general, there are three types of seasons based on the main produce: honey, saffron and hemp. During every season your goal is to produce as many of the said resources as possible and, potentially, earn a Honey, Saffron or Hemp land NFT by completing thematic collections. You don’t need to own land to produce things though — you can ‘rent’ the facilities owned by other farmers and only pay them a small fraction of what you gain.

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Brawl, race and adopt pets in GNOCity — all while earning the GNOKEN token and NFTs! Assemble your fighting party of gnomes, give them different perks, level them up and dominate the PvP and the racing track!

The game essentially features NFT staking for various rewards: XP for your gnomes (pet staking), earning GNOKEN (the PvP) and so on. It does have a complex NFT structure, so to help you out a bit, here’s where you can get in-game stuff:

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Green Rabbit Game

Bringing you into a dystopian alien world, Green Rabbit is a very visual adventure with a lot of elements and layers to it. Besides the familiar staking mechanics, you can also fuse different in-game NFTs for a chance of receiving a new unique non-fungible or send foragers on missions to retrieve precious metals.

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Journey to Godhood

Journey to Godhood is a real treat for those missing classic text-based RPGs! In this game, you take your character on a breathtaking path of raising from rugs to reaches. It is a very classic RPG game in terms of what you can do there — you can fully expect fights, treasure hunts, NFT encounters and so much more! What sets it aside is the Full Idle mode that you can activate and let your character progress while you’re AFK.

All the events occur in short sprints and consume different amounts of energy. Without energy, you cannot start any quest or enter a fight.

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Kolobok Adventures

Kolobok Adventures is a story-based NFT game where you get Koloboks — creatures that look like alien ships from Space Invaders. You can breed them to get new unique Koloboks, send them on visual adventures based on various fairy tales or engage in Kolobok brawls with your friends or random players.

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Metal War

Metal War is a 4X strategy game that will put your tactical brilliance to test. Using progressive difficulty on the map layout, several spawn points and six types of units, Metal War tries to be as close to its mainstream counterparts as possible. Unlike them, though, it goes full play-to-earn where it matters — all units, shards, buildings, buffs, and in the future, PvP avatars are tokenized as NFTs, and you can sell the in-game MWM token on Alcor.

Note that this game has a rather high entry barrier for toking mining, with the basic Hamster unit for mining MWM currently selling for around 45 WAX.

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Nova Rally

Nova Rally will feel like home to those who’ve played EOS Racing. Assemble a team of two drivers, get your first car and the best parts of it and you’re ready for action! All the drivers, vehicles and parts are represented as NFTs — so once you have a whole car park, you know you can bring them to the Marketplace!

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Prospectors WAX and Grand Land

Prospectors is a long-standing MMORTS title that started way back on EOS — and now they’re coming to WAX with an enhanced version enabling full ownership of land plots and all the resources there!

Build your own gold rush empire by mining, banking, transporting and maybe occasionally gambling in the exciting setting of the 19th century US!

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R-Planet is a perfect game for players who love experimenting and creating new things! With the basic elements you’re given — water, fire, earth and air — you can come up with thousands of recipes for more complex elements or items — and there is also a founder’s prize! Meaning, if you craft something for the first time, these items will be minted as NFT to your WAX account.

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Uplift supercharges Minecraft with play-to-earn mechanics! Play, explore and build in one of the most successful mainstream games — and earn Upliftium from mining or sales! Best part, you can forever own your own land plot in the Uplift World with the help of special NFTs.

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WAXTycoon is an idle management simulator where you can earn with your virtual businesses! Build a vast empire and climb the tycoon leaderboard — the higher up you are, the bigger your GEM token reward is!

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Wrapping it up

WAX’s gaming infrastructure is truly impressive — and there will be more projects and gaming NFTs coming along! We’re excited to take you on this incredible play-to-earn adventure across all the WAX titles, and we hope it’ll be a fun ride for you!

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