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NFT Cloud – The New Web3 Platform From Salesforce


Salesforce, a company known for its cloud-based business functionality software for customer relationship management, is embracing the world of Web3 with the inauguration of its NFT Cloud. With a pilot of the new platform launching last week, Salesforce customers will now be able to use the virtual space to mint, manage, and sell NFTs. 

As per the platform’s official site, the NFT Cloud will enhance customer experiences in three ways, with the first being through bridging physical and digital experiences to engage communities in ways which were unavailable in the Web2 realm. This will include IRL events of the NFT-gated variety, which is a concept that is becoming ever-more prevalent across the industry.

The second is improving customer loyalty through digital assets, as customers will be able to mint on-brand NFTs on the platform, which they can then keep or sell on. The third and final avenue of customer experience enhancement is the NFT Cloud’s ability to build trust and sustainably, as audits and data collection can be securely conducted through leveraging smart contract technology. 

Although a full launch date for the platform hasn’t been confirmed, a company spokesperson had this to say about its pilot release: “Salesforce NFT Cloud has been made official, starting its pilot phase in June 2022. The aim is for customers to drive an entirely new breed of communities, a shift from being a customer to an audience, and now to a true community due to the element of ownership. Salesforce have thought this through carefully. NFT Cloud will go to market with trust and sustainability, two of Salesforce’s core values, by design”.

With regards to the sustainability ethos of the company, and in line with its net zero emissions commitment, the NFT Cloud pilot will automatically calculate the carbon emissions each user emits when using the platform, which they will then be able to offset through trusted, high-quality carbon credits. It will also be collaborating with organisations such as the ‘Crypto Climate Accord’ to develop sustainability in the Web3 space.

This explicit dive into Web3 from Salesforce wouldn’t come as much surprise to those who’ve stayed up to date with the company’s blockchain interest and activity, as last month it published an article on the necessity for businesses to have a Web3 strategy, whilst it also added a ‘Web3: The Future of the Internet’ module to its Trailhead learning site.  

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