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Cantina Royale Gears up for NFT Launch and Token Sale


Heart-pounding, adrenaline pumping, no-holds-barred live action battle arena, Cantina Royale, will soon arrive at a key milestone in its play-to-earn journey. As such, the Elrond-powered juggernaut is gearing up to launch its cornerstone ‘Genesis Space Ape’ NFTs, alongside the initial decentralized-exchange offering (IDO) of its highly anticipated $CRT utility token.

What this exciting development means for the casual gamer, is that full play-to-earn capabilities are just around the corner. Fans can get ready for a full roll out of the brand new, full throttle blockchain gaming experience, featuring numerous battle modes optimized for both the mobile and desktop markets.

An Innovative Double Roll Out

To add a little more fun to the IDO experience, Cantina Royale will host a lootbox-style lottery to win one of 5,000 Genesis Space Ape NFTs, each of which will provide top level utility and huge earning potential within the Cantina Royale gaming ecosystem.

The incredible double initiative take places on the Elrond native Maiar Launchpad. A bespoke gateway for a wide range of Decentralized Applications (dApps) developed specifically on the super fast, carbon negative network. To get the ball rolling, registration will remain open from now until July 8. So, if you think you have what it takes to succeed in the Cantina Royale arena, register your interest right now!

Register now for the exclusive token sale >> Here

An Army of Genesis Space Apes

Heading up the vast Cantina Royale empire, the Genesis Space Apes sit atop as a pantheon of NFT greatness, each representing 3D battle hardened and fully playable characters within the sleek blockchain-powered ecosystem. Coming in as a mighty collection of 15,000 proud statured simians with a novel trick up their sleeve, each fully breedable Genesis Ape will receive a staggering 1% of earnings from every single one of its descendants. Consequently, providing a level of passive income previously unseen in any play-to-earn title.

The first 5,000 units will arrive in tandem with the IDO, and therefore represent prizes in an exclusive loot box lottery. Meanwhile, the remaining 10k will become available via a series of future public sales and special events. Each one will come in any of five levels of scarcity, enabling certain advantages on the battlefield, while looking highly presentable when lingering within the confines of the wallet, along with further earning potential via a dApp lending protocol.

One Coin to Rule them All

The Maiar Launchpad will host the first public sale of the $CRT utility token, arriving to the masses following its highly successful fundraising private sale of 150 million tokens that raised an impressive $4.5M for project development.

In this new round, individuals can ape in to acquire their share of a further 37.5 million tokens, launching at $0.04 each. In total, the currency will see a maximum supply of 1 billion $CRT tokens, with an initial circulation of 131,855,000 units.

So, those who want a taste of the Cantina Royale experience in all its immersive glory, can sign up now via the Maiar Launchpad.

Register for the event >> Here

Find out more about Cantina Royale >> Here

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