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The New Metaverse Tool for Content Creators


Live CGI, a leader in customisable metaverse experiences across streaming, eCommerce, and the blockchain, has unveiled its new cloud-based studio platform called StreamMyScreen. Dubbed as a MaaS (Metaverse as a Service), the new platform allows creators to livestream themselves and their screen wherever and whenever they choose, where in doing so, they can generate extra avenues of income by immortalizing the most memorable moments of their content through NFTs. 

More specifically, the product, which comes as part of the rapidly emerging creator economy which is valued at at a whopping $100 billion, is an affordable and user-friendly live-streaming solution which can be used by content creators as they go about entertaining their viewers.

Through leveraging previously untapped blockchain-enabling tools, the platform features a MintMyStream function which allows content creators, gamers, and their onlooking fans to seamlessly access the metaverse throughout streaming sessions. They will be able to create NFTs which depict the most memorable and dramatic moments of their favourite creator’s streams, which will then be available to purchase on the StreamMyScreen Storefront, as well as on the largest NFT marketplace of them all, OpenSea.

Overall, the features of the platform make it the market’s easiest and most affordable subscription-based livestreaming consumer product, wherein creators can ‘own their stream’ by having more direct control over their content and its monetisation. 

In addition, StreamMyScreen is built using Live CGI’s patented B2B live-streaming tech ‘Quinstream,’ which has been developed and fine-tuned throughout the company’s decades of experience in broadcast entertainment, B2B virtual production, Unreal Engine game development, and live-streaming technology.

The price of premium membership to the StreamMyScreen service is $9.99 per month, which allows members to use the service for an unlimited amount of hours across the month, and will also receive additional features. Check out the StreamMyScreen website to experience 10 free hours of streaming before making a purchase!

StreamMyScreen can be used across the most popular live-streaming social platforms which use real-time messaging protocols (RTMPs), such as Twitch, YouTube and more.

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