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Top NFT Visualizers 2022: Display your virtual Gallery


The discovery of Non-fungible tokens (NFT) has made art exhibitions much easier for artists and art collectors. Thanks to NFTs, art exhibitions can now be done online through NFT gallery websites. This is helping to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies, the digital world, and the art world. It has also given birth to online art exhibition platforms known as NFT visualizers. The creation of NFT visualizers has promised to change the future of art and art exhibitions.

What Are NFT Visualizers?

NFT visualizers are tools or platforms that enable artists and art collectors to showcase their NFT artwork in ways that offer an immersive experience. They can showcase their art collections in a single place in the form of a gallery. In fact, NFT visualizers provide the same kind of experience one gets from visiting an art museum or gallery. When artists and art collectors create an NFT gallery, art lovers or investors can see their gallery and interact with their NFT collection. These art lovers or investors can then bid for these art collections directly from the creators. 

Types Of NFT Viewers

There are two main types of NFT viewers. These are the Interactive Displays and NFT Virtual Galleries.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are customized displays that enable NFT artists to give users a physical connection to their collection. It is a creative way for NFT artists to share their artwork with the consumer. With Interactive displays, the consumer gets the physical component of the artwork and the digital NFT.

NFT Virtual Galleries 

Virtual galleries are digital art galleries similar to real-world galleries. However, consumers must be connected to the virtual platform to access the art collection. With the virtual galleries metaverse project, NFT artists can showcase their art collections on virtual platforms where visitors can view and bid for them directly. NFT virtual gallery apps are projected to be the future of art exhibitions. However, they are still in a nascent stage.

Top Four NFT Visualizers

Every NFT artist and collector wants to showcase their artwork on the best NFT visualizers available. Interestingly, there are several NFT visualizers gaining momentum in the NFT space. Here are some of the best NFT visualizers to choose from.

  • Mynt
  • Decentraland
  • Unstoppable Domains
  • Cryptovoxels


Mynt is a free NFT gallery that allows artists to display their artwork. This platform enables NFT artists and collectors to list their individual likable artwork, uniting them into a single collection. Art lovers and investors can view Mynt NFT items on their website, with the option to buy and list them on NFT platforms like OpenSea.


Decentraland is a popular virtual platform built on the Ethereum Network. The platform was specially created for collectors that wish to explore multiple allergies; static and animated. A UK art company called Sotheby is one of the traditional art companies to open an art auction gallery on Decentraland.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is another popular art visualizer. The platform allows cryptocurrency holders to exchange regular alphanumeric crypto addresses with a URL that utilizes NFT extensions and cryptocurrencies. For instance, users can purchase a domain, name it, and add crypto to it instead of using traditional crypto addresses. However, the NFT art and NFT domain must be in the same wallet.


Cryptovoxels is a virtual platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create NFT galleries on this platform using its parcel and space features. This allows NFT artists and collectors to create their art galleries and use them as NFT visualizers.


Artists invest a lot of time and resources to create quality art collections. Art collectors also invest heavily to have these collections. It is only proper for them to have a suitable platform to showcase their collection to potential market buyers. Thankfully, NFT visualizers provide a reliable platform for art exhibitions.

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