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What to Know About DC Comics’ Batman NFTs


The Bat Cowl collection, released in April, minted 12,000 out of a planned 200,000 NFTs. Soon, the collection will be integrated into the expanded DC universe.

2022 is a great year to be a Batman fan.

We’ve seen the Mat Reeves film’s release and the news of its shared universe. Then, of course, there’s the announcement of a Joker sequel. And we also have the recent release of the Gotham Knights video game.

And the good news keeps on coming. DC Comics has officially entered the Web3 space with a sizable NFT collection called The Bat Cowl. The collection will consist of 200,000 NFTs and become part of the DC extended universe.

What’s Exactly The Bat Cowl Collection?

The famed comic book company announced The Bat Cowl on March 29th. The news came via a blog post on the DC website. It was also announced that the collection would be released on April 20th, which just so happens to be Batman Day.

DC partnered with Daz 3D and Palm Studio to deliver The Bat Cowl collection. It’s a collection of NFTs highlighting important headpieces from the superhero’s 83-year history.

That isn’t the first time Batman has hit the Blockchain. Many unofficial Dark Knight-related NFT collections were released over the last three years. Last year, DC even launched spinning floppy NFTs, which were given out for free at a DC Fandom event.

Now, with The Bat Cowl, DC is doubling down on its foray into the world of NFTs.

The $60 Million Batman NFT Collection

The NFT collection is building slowly but steadily. So far, 12,000 NFTs have been minted on the DC marketplace. Once everything is said and done, there will be 200,000 NFTs on the marketplace.

With each NFT cowl priced at $300, the total value of The Bat Cowl collection is at a whopping $60 million.

As Jim Lee, the CCO of DC Comics explained in the press release, the team worked long and hard on curating colors, textures, and materials to make each cowl in the collection pop.

The company’s goal was to create a set of cowls that would “satisfy and delight every kind of Batman fan out there,” Lee said.

Being an owner of a cowl NFT gives fans access to DC’s fan forum, a private space where people can find behind-the-scenes content, buy exclusive merchandise, and even explore physical collectibles. Fan gatherings are also planned for the future.

Future Plans for The Bat Cowl NFT Collection

What will become of the 200,000 NFTs once they’re all minted and released into the wild?

The short answer is that we don’t know. The team behind The Bat Cowl has been tight-lipped about the project’s future. We know that DC plans to expand utility for the NFT holders every 52 days. There are talks of AR and Metaverse integrations and expanded wallet capabilities.

But the most exciting news is that The Bat Cowl collection will eventually be integrated into DC stories. That’s right, the NFTs you purchase could one day show up in a DC comic book.

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