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Azuki Unveils Community Centered Metropolis


As if sharpened by the arrival of the new year, many NFT projects have dusted off the memory of the previous 12 months to get 2023 off to a roaring start. As a result, pack-leader, the Bored Ape Yacht Club has dropped a mystifying selection of new lore, gamification and NFTs. Not to be overshadowed by the Yuga Labs onslaught however, fellow blue-chip stalwart, Azuki, has unveiled its brand-new community centered metropolis.

A Home Away from Home

Just like the ronin of old, the Azuki have found themselves wandering the wilderness with no place to call home. Destined to roam the blockchain forever in search of a purpose to their 2-dimensional existence. That is until now, as on the pixelated horizon looms the new world of Hilumia to offer Azuki a place to call their own.

Shrouded in the mists of an undisclosed mountain, the anime-styled city bristles with a promise of things to come. Within its walls, containing a wild and wonderful series of activities and amusements that will only grow with time. As such, holders of the coveted collectibles can do exercise on purpose in the gym, train in the arts of the ninja in the Dojang, demonstrate some sick tricks in the skatepark, or help innovate in the hall of invention.

So, for members of the tight knit Azuki community, the platform just got a whole lot more interesting. As a result, opening up a brand-new world of opportunity and setting up holders for the next chapter in its ongoing anime-themed odyssey.

Take a wander around Hilumia >> Here

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