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Decentraland Unveils All-New Manifesto – NFT Plazas


Decentraland has committed to establishing its status as a public good for the internet era by sticking to its motto of “can’t be evil.” The platform aims to maintain its ethos of open source decentralization, while also creating a “virtual social world that champions creativity and self-expression and where the latest technologies are leveraged to create a fair and equitable platform for all.”

To achieve this objective, Decentraland has declared 2023 the year of creators. As outlined in its annual manifesto, the platform will provide individuals with access to awesome tools that will help them unleash their creativity. As a result, opening up the potential to pull in more users as the platform becomes more fun and easier to use.

What Plans Does Decentraland Have To Make 2023 The Year Of Creators?

To unleash creativity, Decentraland plans to supercharge the two key development tools in SDK7 and the Editor. In addition to improving the monetization potential of user-generated content, especially on the smart wearables, avatars, and emotes systems.

The other goal is to make Decentraland more fun. On this end, the platform plans to “become the go-to hub for safe, intuitive, and fun immersive social connections.” To achieve this objective the platform will enable an enhanced identity system through profiles and badges. Additionally, it will improve the communication system and create new and better onboarding experiences for quests.

Finally, there are plans to improve the overall performance of the platform. This should ensure everyone gets a smooth and immersive experience, even if they are using devices that lack high specs. Here, the development team plans to improve the desktop and web browser clients’ performance. Also, there will be support for the entire Decentraland community in their quest to find new ways to use this protocol and its infrastructure.

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