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Shopify Upgrades its Suite of NFT Tools


Shopify has added a selection of NFT-friendly tools that should help its merchants serve their customers better. This particular upgrade is focused on serving NFT merchants and Web3 stores that are hosted on its platform, thus improving the user experience.

According to a tweet by Cordellsy.eth, the platform’s blockchain designer, the new suite of tools should help Shopify merchants build “tokengating apps.” Additionally, there has been an expansion of the crypto wallet connect features.

However, what stands out is the “tokengating” feature accessible through an application programming interface (API). It’s a feature that has been in the works for a while now and has only been available to a select number of merchants since June 2022. For merchants that can utilize the feature, they will be able to set up their stores in a manner that specifies which token holders can and cannot gain access to exclusive products, NFT drops, and other benefits.

According to Shopify, “the Tokengate component presents the gate requirements to unlock a reaction and the buyer’s eligibility status based on their connected wallet.” The implications of the feature are clear, especially for NFT merchants, as they can choose who to reward or they can use it to add exclusivity to specific products.

Shopify Improves Privacy

Other than tokengating, the other improvements have focused on crypto wallet support, which has been expanded. On this end, the platform has integrated with the sign-in with Ethereum (SIWE) protocol, which is led by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and the Ethereum Foundation. SIWE is responsible for securing user sign-ins and authentication of Ethereum accounts and ENS domains without disclosing personal identifiers to third parties such as your name, phone number, and residential address.

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