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CODAMADE to Revolutionize Public Art with NFTs


CODAworx and Mad NFT have joined forces to launch CODAMADE, an innovative platform that bridges the physical public art world and the digital art sphere with the power of NFT technology. This platform connects creative professionals on a global public art network, utilizing innovative creative agency Mad’s expertise and technology to fabricate NFTs. CODAMADE leverages the CODAworx ecosystem to connect public artists with art collectors, ensuring that artists receive proceeds from selling their artwork in perpetuity.

The partnership between CODAworx and Mad NFT is a game-changer in public art, creating a unique digital platform that celebrates creativity, collaboration and mutual support. The platform enables artists to monetize their work and engage with their audiences in new and exciting ways while providing a revolutionary new paradigm in the art world. CODAMADE is at the forefront of the NFT revolution in public art, empowering artists and redefining the art world’s boundaries.

CODAMADE Arrives to Revolutionize Public Art Through NFTs

CODAMADE’s marketplace currently features eight unique and curated NFT artists, including Susan Narduli, Edison Peñafiel, Cory Van Lew, Maria Finkelmeier, ET Projects, Pierre Gervois, I Was Here, and Ana María Caballero, with more artists set to launch this year. In addition, it provides valuable educational resources to equip artists, collectors, and commissioners with the necessary tools to successfully launch an NFT collection, including technology, the creative process, and marketing strategy.

CODAMADE to Revolutionize the Art World

CODAMADE is changing the game in the world of NFTs and public art. Its annual conference with CODAworx – the CODAsummit NFT, is scheduled for March 29-31, 2023 at Mad Arts in Dania Beach, Florida, and will explore the potential of NFTs for artists in the commissioned art domain. The event will feature renowned public artists, public art commissioners, and NFT industry insiders discussing how they use NFT technology to create new art forms, monetize their work, engage with their audiences, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the public art realm.

Concurrently with the CODAsummit, the exhibition, ‘Phygital Cities of the Future,’ will showcase digital works by creators operating in the public sphere alongside those moving into the physical sphere. CODAMADE is at the forefront of the NFT revolution in public art, empowering artists and redefining the art world’s boundaries.

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